evaluation of the finish


evaluation of the finish

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Analysis and description of the impressions that linger in the throat after the wine has been warmed by the mouth. 1


This stage is important to assess quality because certain flavours that were not evident in the previous stages make their presence clear after the wine has moved out of the mouth. The two main aspects to consider in evaluating the finish of a wine are aftertaste and length. A pleasant aftertaste is an indication that all the wine components are in perfect harmony, whereas the opposite would be indicated by an unpleasant or bitter aftertaste. The term "length" explains the duration over which the flavour and aroma of the wine persist; it is an indicator of the balance of the various flavours in the wine. The longer the flavour lingers in the mouth (assuming it is a pleasant taste), the finer the quality of the wine. 2-3


The process continues through smelling, tasting, and an evaluation of the finish. 4

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/ɪˌvæl.juˈeɪ.ʃən əv ðiː ˈfɪn.ɪʃ/ 5

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Aftertaste evaluation 6


Evaluation: 1755, "action of appraising or valuing," from French évaluation, noun of action from évaluer "to find the value of".
Finish: 1779, "that which finishes or gives completion," from finish (v.). Meaning "the end" is from 1790. 7

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Università degli Studi di Genova, Dipartimento di lingue e culture moderne, Corso di Laurea in Teorie e Tecniche della Mediazione Interlinguistica

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