wine press


wine press

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A device used to squeeze juice out of grapes comprising two vats or receptacles, one for trodding and bruising grapes, and the other for collecting the juice.

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[There are several different types of presses in use:]

  • Vertical Screw Press (basket press). Vintage is placed inside a (usually) cylindrical ‘basket’ made of wooden slats. Pressure is applied manually or hydraulically by a moving plate either at the top or the bottom of the press pressing the vintage against a stationary one at the opposite end. […]
  • Horizontal Screw Press. The fruit is loaded into a similar basket as with a basket press, but through an opening at the side. There is a stationary screw thread running throughout the basket that changes direction in the middle. At either end of the basket are plates that slot into the inside of the basket. […]
  • The Pneumatic Press. The vintage is placed inside a perforated drum and, using compressed air (or water), pressed against the perforations by an inflatable bladder or a polypropylene membrane. […] A variant of the pneumatic press is the tank press […].
  • The Continuous Screw Press. The vintage is introduced into a perforated drum with an Archimedes screw inside it. This pushes the marc towards a resistance at the far end, either a weighted door or a plug of pomace, so that the juice is expelled out of drum’s perforations. […]



Wine presses or their remains provide some of the longest-surviving evidence of the origins of viticulture.


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[ˈwaɪnprɛs] 5

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Press, winepress.


Press: meaning "device to squeeze juice from grapes, oil from olives, cider from apples, etc.," is from late 14c., from Middle French presse.


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