scale insect


scale insect

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c. n.


Insects that attack cultivated plants. 1


There are many different species of scale insects that attack cultivated plants. These sap-sucking insect pests can weaken the growth of a wide range of plants. Many species excrete a sticky, sugary substance, called honeydew, on the leaves and stems on which they are feeding. They also produce white, waxy mounds on stems and the undersides of leaves. These are the egg masses of the brown sap-sucking insect. Scale insects are divided into three groups: (1) armored scales, (2) soft scales, and (3) mealybugs. 2


This study reports the results of an industry-wide field survey of scale insects in South African vineyards. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[skeɪl ˈɪn.sekt] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

Insect: “L. insectum, Lit. “a thing to cut into”i.e. Nearly divided, from the shape. 5
Scale: "skin plates on fish or snakes," c.1300, from O.Fr. escale (12c., Mod.Fr. écale) "scale, husk," from Frank., from P.Gmc. *skælo "split, divide" (cf. O.H.G. scala "shell," Goth. skalja "tile," O.E. scealu "shell, husk), from PIE base *(s)kel- "to cut, cleave, split" (cf. L. culter "knife," scalpere "to cut, scrape;" O.C.S. skolika "mussel, shell," Rus. skala "rind, bark," O.E. scell "shell"). 6

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