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Name for the specialized part of a plant containing the reproductive organs. 1


[Grape] flowers are unisexual or modified to act functionally as unisexual; they are pentamerous (having five sets of flower parts) with a hypogynous disk (a receptacle below the ovary that supports such floral parts as petals, sepals, and stamens). Calyx (the sepals combined) is greatly reduced or nonexistent in most species and the petals are joined at the summit into one unit but separated at the base. Flower buds are formed later in the growing season and over winter for blooming in spring of the next year. Two types of flowers are produced: sterile flowers with five long filaments, and erect stamens with undeveloped pistils; and fertile flowers with well-developed pistils and five undeveloped reflexed stamens. 2


In grapes, female flowers often include stamens, but the stamens curve under the base of the flower, and any pollen they produce is sterile. […] 3

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['flaʊə] 4

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Grape flower.


Flower: c.1200, from O.Fr. flor, from L. florem (nom. flos) "flower", from PIE base *bhlo- "to blossom, flourish" (cf. M.Ir. blath, Welsh blawd "blossom, flower," O.E. blowan "to flower, bloom"). Modern spelling is 14c. Ousted O.E. cognate blostm. Also used from 13c. in sense of "finest part or product of anything." The verb is first recorded early 13c. Related: Flowered; flowering. Flower children "gentle hippies" is from 1967. 5

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