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[The moment when a wine is] suitable or fit for drinking. 1


Knowing how long to age wines can seem difficult. There are many types of grapes, many methods of production, a great variety of storage conditions and an overwhelming number of personal preferences. Each of these factors has an impact on how long a wine should be held before drinking. In general, wines gain complexity and lose fruitiness as they age. Tannic red wines also mellow and become softer as they age. Once a wine reaches maturity, it will usually plateau before slowly going downhill. Different grapes make wines with different aging profiles. As an example, most Cabernet Sauvignons will age for longer periods than most Merlots.
Of all the wines produced, more than 90% are designed to be consumed within a couple of years after they are produced. Understand that it is just as possible to age a wine for too long a time as it is to age it for too little a time.
In general, more expensive wines are usually designed to become better with age. Most inexpensive wines do not benefit from aging. [...] 2


A very good tannin structure assures this wine’s drinkability for few years but does not detract from early consumption. 3

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[drɪŋkəˈbɪl.ɪ.ti] 4

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drink + -ability
drink: O.E. drincan "to drink," also "to swallow up, engulf" (class III strong verb; past tense dranc, pp. druncen), from P.Gmc. *drengkan (cf. O.S. drinkan, O.Fris. drinka, Du. drinken, O.H.G. trinkan, Ger. trinken, O.N. drekka, Goth. drigkan "to drink"), of uncertain origin, perhaps from a root meaning "to draw."
-ability: suffix expressing ability, fitness, or capacity, from L. -abilitas, forming nouns from adjs. ending in -abilis (see -able). Not etymologically related to ability, though popularly connected with it. 5

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