first-pressing must


first-pressing must

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c. n.


The juice released in the first pressing of the grapes, used to produce the best Champagnes. 1


Pressing is the first operation defined in detail by the traditional method, which understandably differentiates rigorously between the fractions of juice from each press load, for the first juice to emerge from the press is highest in sugar and acidity and lowest in phenolics, including pigments. [...] Those who produce traditional method sparkling wine acknowledge that the first juice to emerge from the press is generally the best, even if there is a certain amount of vintage variation. 2


Further selection of the grapes during the harvesting to obtain approx. 55% of the first pressing must which is left to ferment slowly in small oak casks for about 40 days. 3

Trascrizione fonetica

[ˈfɜːst ˈpres.ɪŋ məst] 4

Sinonimi e Antonimi

First pressings, première, vin de cuvée. 5


First: O.E. fyrst "foremost," superlative of fore; from P.Gmc.*furisto- .
Press: from O.Fr. preser (13c.), from L. pressare "to press," frequentative of pressus, p.p. of premere "to press, hold fast, cover, crowd, compress," from PIE *prem-/*pres- "to strike."
Must: O.E.must, from L. mustum, short for vinum mustum "fresh wine," neut. of mustus "fresh, new." 6

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